Small Picture of St Mary WoburnThe Parish Church of St Mary Woburn  

Diary of Events

Thursday 1st   10.00 am Holy Communion
Friday 2nd    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday 3rd    9.30 am Church Cleaning
Sunday 4th   10.00 am Parish Eucharist
PENTECOST    2.00 pm Church Open Day
   6.00 pm Evensong
Monday 5th    7.30 pm Worship Group Rehearsal
Tuesday 6th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 7th    9.45 am Noah's Ark
Thursday 8th    2.30 pm Let's Get Together
Friday 9th    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday 10th   11.30 am Wedding
Sunday 11th   9.30 am Hour of Prayer
TRINITY  10.00 am Parish Eucharist
  6.00 pm Worship@Woburn
Tuesday 13th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 14th    9.45 am Noah's Ark
Friday 16th    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Sunday 18th   10.00 am Service of the Word
Tuesday 20th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 21st    9.45 am Noah's Ark
Thursday 22nd    7.30 pm PCC
Friday 23rd    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Sunday 25th   10.00 am Holy Communion
Tuesday 27th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 28th    9.45 am Noah's Ark

Alpha Courses

If you have ever wanted to take time to explore the Christian faith and/or meaning of life, then consider doing an Alpha course. The course normally runs over a ten week period, and is held in a relaxed and friendly environment. Each evening starts with an informal meal, and then a talk, followed by a chance to have thought provoking discussion in a small group. Alpha courses are run by all the main Christian denominations. Since their inception over 8 million people have attended Alpha courses which is testimony to the level of interest people have in this subject

St. Mary's Woburn have been running Alpha courses for a number of years, and we normally run one course per year, This year it will be in the Autumn.

The Sessions in 2017 will be  (all Wednesdays apart from the Away Day)

September      27           Who is Jesus?

October           4           Why did Jesus die?

October          11           How can we have faith?

October          18           Why and how do I pray?

October          25           Why and how should I read the Bible?

November         1           How does God guide us?  

November         4           Away Day (Eversholt Village Hall)

November         8           Why and how should I tell others

November        15          What about the Church?