Small Picture of St Mary WoburnThe Parish Church of St Mary Woburn  

Diary of Events

Friday 1st    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday 2nd    9.30 am Church Cleaning
   1.00 pm Wedding
Sunday 3rd   10.00 am Parish Eucharist
TRINITY 12    6.00 pm Evensong
Monday 4th    7.30 pm Worship Group Rehearsal
Tuesday 5th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 6th    9.45 am Noah's Ark
Thursday 7th   10.00 am Holy Communion
   1.30 pm Funeral
Friday 8th    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday 9th    1.30 pm Wedding
Sunday 10th   9.00 am Hour of Prayer
TRINITY 13  10.00 am Parish Eucharist
  6.00 pm Worship@Woburn
Tuesday 12th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 13th    9.45 am Noah's Ark
Thursday 14th    2.30 pm Let's Get Together
Friday 15th    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Sunday 17th   10.00 am Service of the Word
Tuesday 19th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 20th    9.45 am Noah's Ark
   2.00 pm Wedding
Friday 22nd    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday 23rd    1.30 pm Wedding
Sunday 24th   10.00 am Holy Communion
TRINITY 15    
Tuesday 26th    9.30 am Pilates
Wednesday 27th    9.45 am Noah's Ark
   7.00 pm Alpha Course
Thursday 28th    7.30 pm PCC
Friday 29th    8.00 pm Choir Practice
Saturday 30th    3.00 pm Wedding
Sunday 1st   10.00 am Parish Communion
TRINITY 16     Roger & Ursula Lander farewell service

Church Services

Below are the services and meetings that are held regularly at St. Mary's

10am – Parish Eucharist (first and second Sunday of the month)
10am - Service of the Word (third Sunday of the month)
10am - Holy Communion (fourth Sunday of the month)
6pm – Evensong (on the first Sunday of the month)
6pm – Worship@Woburn (on the second Sundays of the month)

Thursday – 10am – Holy Communion (1st Thursday of Month)
Monday - 7.00 am Morning Service

CHOIR PRACTICE Each Friday at 8-00 pm

Alpha Course– each spring.
Marriage Preparation Course – each spring

The Sunday School runs at the same time as the main morning service 10 a.m. – 11 a.m (except on the first Sunday of the month) and caters for children between 5 and 11 years of age.Link to Sunday School Page

On the first Sunday of each month at 9-15 am we have a Family Service at St John the Baptist's Church in Eversholt. This church is part of the Woburn benefice and is situated in Church End, Eversholt. The service is informal and although geared towards families and younger people the message is for everyone. The service is normally led by Stephen Nuth and on occasions we have a guest speaker. There is a warm welcome for all at this service and we hope that you will make it a fixed date in your diary.
For further information please use the enquiry form on the contacts page of this website.